Driving Speed

Driving Speed 2.2

Be faster than the computer-controlled drivers and reach the finish line first
Choose between several muscle cars with different stats, select the course that you wish to race on and compete against 11 AI-controlled opponents.

Driving Speed 2 is a racing game developed by an Australian team Wheelspin Studios. The game is completely free as it was done after a project by Derek Long. The game allows you to drive four muscle cars (including a Holden VXR) on Bathurst and Adelaide, both Australian tracks.

First, you get to choose the car, and the cars selection is pretty good. You get a choice of high-powered, front-engine cars that have different handling abilities. Then you chose the tracks, which are completely different. Adelaide is a street circuit, which is tight and has very slow corners, while Bathurst is famous for its mountain section and its long straights. You get to drive against 11 other computer players, with different racing abilities, but they may be a bit too easy sometimes. The good thing is that this game comes with an 8-player multi-player mode, which spices things up. The game physics are more focused on arcade racing, but even they seem a bit weird sometimes, and they lack some feel to it. Driving Speed is a free game though, so it's worth taking a look at it.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Free
  • Good track modeling
  • Good choice of cars


  • Few tracks
  • Driving sensation is weird
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